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Sample: Academic Report Writing - Tabular data

The given diagram comprises a couple of tables providing us information regarding sales of coffee and bananas, which are Fairtrade-labelled. The data pertains to two years namely, 1999 and 2004, shown in the middle and extreme right columns respectively. The study/survey was conducted in 5 developed European nations: Switzerland, the UK, Belgium, Sweden, and Denmark.

It is quite clear from the first table that coffee sales in Switzerland doubled in 2004 when compared with 1999. Sales in Denmark, Belgium, and Sweden also increased over the period, though only marginally. The UK was simply unbelievable, leapfrogging from a mere 1.5 to a staggering 20 million euros over the period.

In the sale of bananas, however, Switzerland and the UK have swapped places with the former showing a more than 300% jump to as much as 47 million euros in 2004. While it is true that the percentage increase is more in the case of the UK, its total sales figure in 2004 at 5.5 million euros is less than Switzerland's by over 9 times.

The above is a short sample of how an IELTS Academic Task 1 is written. Note the use of simple, straightforward English, avoidance of repetition and simultaneous use of synonyms, as well as the formation of short paragraphs. Where a point is not only presented but also sufficiently elaborated. The report also avoids overuse of raw data, preferring alternative ways of expressing the same.

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