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Like all language proficiency tests, IELTS checks how good you are in English in all its four aspects - Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing. You have to display an accepted level of command of the language, in order to satisfy the admission requirements in colleges/universities in different countries

We believe in adopting a balanced approach towards IELTS preparation. While it is not  ‘difficult’ in the usual sense of the word, there can be no doubt that the test requires sustained preparation and regular practice.

And, of course, Spoken English will continue to grow in importance with each passing day. So, you can't afford to ignore it. At any cost.

IELTS courses

PTE Course

A relatively recent entrant in the field of English language tests, it is wholly computer based and comes with its own set of advantages and drawbacks. Therefore, it requires a slightly different approach. The basics, however, remain the same.

PTE courses

OET Course

This English proficiency test is unique in that it has been developed specifically for candidates in a healthcare environment. So, if you feel more comfortable because of this enhanced familiarity factor, then OET is the way to go.


The updated OET 2.0 is only a few years old. As yet the test is neither as well-known nor as popular as IELTS/PTE. 


But today's healthcare professionals need to seriously consider the Occupational English Test.

OET courses
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